the face under the mask...

is that... your true face?

    hello and welcome to my extremely under construction neocities!

    my plans for the site aren't super well-defined. i really just want a place to infodump about my interests. in the future, i want to add more pages to the zelda shrine about specific games and i'd like to add a new shrine for stardew valley! with that, i think i'll be adding directories for both the journal and the shrines so it's a little more streamlined and organized.

    this site is best viewed and designed to be viewed on desktop! sorry mobile users.

    2.24.24 -- hi! nothing new has been added (besides this), i just wanted to pop in and say this site isn't dead (even though it's been 6 months since the last addition/update) i'm currently in my final semester of undergrad and am working on my thesis exhibition for my bfa on top of three other studio classes so i've just been insanely busy. but in the little free time i have thats not work or sleep, i've been getting back into old ds/3ds games, namely new leaf and nintendogs, so maybe once i graduate i'll have time to make something for them on this site + more zelda things (i've actually made some enamel work of zelda things in my enameling class, namely an unfinished majora's mask thing that i initially made to test colors... but then couldn't bring myself to ruin him with the wrong colors)
if you've followed this site in the time i've been gone, thank you! i hope you can be a bit more patient as i wrap up my college experience and i look forward to sharing more about the things i love later this year.

    8.16.23 -- added an about page and more of a directory for the blog entries.