the face under the mask...

is that... your true face?

    hello and welcome to my extremely under construction neocities!

    my plans for the site aren't super well-defined. i really just want a place to infodump about my interests. currently, my main one is the legend of zelda [ if you couldn't guess :,) ]

    this site is best viewed and designed to be viewed on desktop! sorry mobile users <3

    i've added a countdown to the legend of zelda: tears of the kingdom!! may 12, 2023, baby!!!!

    the deku mask now leads to my zelda shrine/infodump zone! so far, i've only talked about how i first got into zelda, but next i plan to add my thoughts about the different games i've played.

    i also fixed and added a bit more to the background. hopefully it's more visually interesting but isn't overwhelming?