the face under the mask...

is that... your true face?


20+ | they / them | lesbian

     hello and thank you for checking this page out. for awhile i considered not putting any kind of information about myself on here but i figured i'd at least put some things about myself.
     i started coding somewhere around 13-14, and only ever used HTML. the way i learned was by making tumblr themes for rp blogs (lmao) and honestly the things i learned there really came in handy in making this site. i am by no means an expert, my pages are really cobbled together, but i can try to help if you have any questions.
     as much as i love writing the code, i enjoy making graphics more than anything; it's always been my favorite part of the theme-making process. since i don't rp on tumblr anymore, i didn't really have anything similar until i found neocities. all the graphics are made by me and use official art; i make all the psds and adjustment layers myself. that being said: please do NOT take any of the edits off this page. thanks.
     i'm a college student in my senior year. i have my minor in classics and i'm majoring in studio art with a concentration in textiles. originally i was going to be art education, but then i switched to studio art with a concentration in drawing, but then the drawing department at my college is the actual worst and most unhelpful and awfully run so i left. it helped that the head of our textiles department really wanted me to go into textiles; they assumed i was a textiles major, but when i told them i was drawing they were like 'hm. you should switch' and after a lot of debate, i did. maybe sometime i'll post some of my work here. a lot of my current work is anatomically based (human heart, spine, etc.); i'll be learning jacquard weaving (digital weaving) this fall and i'm excited to see where that takes me!
     as basically stated above, i make art and i enjoy a lot of mediums. textiles, for one, but also drawing (mostly digital these days), painting (oils), and printmaking (screenprinting my beloved) are my favorites. if you participate in artfight, you can find me on there.
     i feel like it's redundant to say but i really enjoy video games, obviously mainly the zelda series. but other games that are really close to my heart are animal crossing, stardew valley (which is likely going to get it's own shrine at some point), the fallout series, portal, the wolf among us (rip), and the witcher.
     i really enjoy 100%-ing games (after a casual playthrough, though). i like to get all the achievements, especially on steam, so right now my goal is to 100% stardew valley. i have 300+ hours in it and i only have 5 more achievements OTL i suspect playing collectathons like banjo kazooie as a kid may have done something irreparable to my brain lmao.
     i guess i'll finish this with my current interests: i've been reading dorohedoro after finishing the netflix episodes and i've really been enjoying that. i love the art style so much, i'd love to talk about it more and share some of my favorite pieces from the artbook. as for video games, i played tears of the kingdom in june and burnt myself out, then started a replay of the witcher 3 (i don't watch the netflix series), then i didn't really play or watch anything because i was working on artfight things. then more recently, i played coffee talk episode 2 and va-11 hall-a, both of which are drink-making visual novels with very different vibes and aesthetics but i enjoyed both immensely.
     and in the last week, i've gotten back into stardew valley because life is stressful and that little farming sim heals so much in me. i definitely want to make a page for it soon, and also some kind of mod recommendation list (they say, having maybe two mods that drastically change the game while the rest are just. nice idk)