the face under the mask...

is that... your true face?

——ENTRY #1 - 4/13/23.
i don't really have time to make a whole new page for the blog yet, but i did want to get some of my thoughts down from the recent (4/13/2023) tears of the kingdom trailer!

SPOILERS!!! if you haven't seen the trailer!!

okay, so i basically just took some notes as i first watched the trailer and i figured i'd just. go in chronological order, so the first thing i wrote down was that link looks cute in his ancient(?) outfit; i don't know what to call it, but his new outfit in totk + his hair being down is such a cool outfit and an incredible departure from tradition. i love it.
my next note was that the music was sick as hell. i make note of it later, too; i'm really excited about the music for this game. i feel like i was in the minority of people who really loved botw's soundtrack, but totk just sounds so fucking sick.
CAMPS!! IN CASTLE TOWN!! they're having rebuilding efforts!! and the TOWNS, i think that was hateno they showed in the trailer? SO cute and it looked so fun and interesting! i hope, like in botw, you'll be able to turn the map hud off and get directions from people at the towns/stables/outposts/etc. i loved doing that and getting familiar with landmarks, i felt like an adventurer!
my next note was just 'who's raising castles in the desert' followed by 'ew spaghetti man'
SKY SHIPS?? THE WATER BUBBLES?? i'm going to have so much anxiety jumping across platforms like in the trailer, i have terrible depth perception and if i ever told anyone how many times i fell through death mountain in oot, i'd be really embarassed that someone had that information.
we got so many glimpses of people that i'm so confused on; who was the rito(?) that... honestly kinda looked like a decomposed revali???? what the hell was that about?? is ganon literally raising the dead?
speaking of ganon (and skipping ahead for a moment), he's a person again! and he kinda looked like oot ganon? i forgot he was voice acted (i........ try to be a fan of it in botw but i really didn't care for it)... but damn they really did rehydrate his ass huh.
the bird girl and the zonai(?) girl were also really cute, i'm really excited about new npcs and whatnot ;; link needs more friends (respectfully)
laser shows in monster camps now, what has the world come to.
one of my notes is just 'WHOA PREATTY LADY COME BACK' (with pretty spelled just like that) and i think this was about the zonai(?) girl; my friend said she reminded her of lorule zelda/hilda from a link between worlds, but part of me kinda hopes it's not that kind of situation? i don't want her to be an alternate zelda, even though hilda did have autonomy in that game; i just want this new character to be her own person.
sidon's back, he's here guys.
lastly, take a shot every time they say link. (don't.)